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Domain Name Registration

Why do I need a domain name?

Domain name Basics.
The Domain Name is what others use to find your site. It is possible to tag your site name on your ISP or Hosts' name (i.e. In the long run you will want to own and control your own name. As no two parties may ever hold identical domain names, it is truly a unique identifier of you or your company. It is how your customers will remember you and find you among the millions of other Web sites on the Internet. A unique domain name is your first step in joining the Internet community.

Domain Name Tips:

  • Get a .com extension if available. Web users expect web sites to be a .com in the US and will usually enter your domain as .com

  • Keep the name simple and easy to remember. Also make the name easy to associate with your site subject. Don't get cute or cryptic. is better than

  • Did you decide on your sites keyword phrase discussed on the content page?  Search engines use the domain name to help identify the site contents so use your keyword phrase in the domain name. For example this sites keyword phrase is "my own web site" and the domain name contains "makemyownwebsite". As an alternate use "-" as in "make-my-own-web-site".

  • Consider registering similar domain names or multiple ending extensions (.com, .org, .net) For example a non-profit web site we manage registered both .com and .org. Most visitor use the .com but some know it is a non-profit group so presume it would be .org. Having both names lets everyone find the site.

Domain Name Registration Resources

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