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Web Site Content

Web Site Content is King!

Your web site content will make or break your site. You content sets everything else you do and is the critical foundation. Invest the time here and you will thank yourself later.

  • Content determines peoples actions when they visit the site - stay or leave

  • Content influences buying/closing rates

  • Content influences search engine ranking

  • Content creates repeat traffic

  • Content drives you keyword effectiveness

Why do you want visitors?     Why should they come?      What's in it for them?

There are a number of good resources on defining the content and "voice" for your site right. One of the leading site content authors is Ken Evoy M.D. Ken wrote Make Your Site Sell and Make Your Words Sell and has given us permission to distribute his free courses to help you get started (don't let the price fool you, these are real courses with real content).

Site content tips:

  • Put it on paper. Write it down so you can look at it and organize it. What is you main theme or message. Are there side messages or supporting information.

  • Concentrate on what information have to offer. Ask yourself why search engines recommend you and why would visitors click through to your site. Site visitors what to know WIIFM - What's In It For Me!

  • Develop a key phrase for your site based on the content. Three or four words that capture the purpose of the site. This is your site primary keyword phrase. With the keyword phrase based on the core site content it is easy to use the keywords in the domain name, headings and repeatedly in the site text. This is really important when you get to web site marketing but you can not use it in that step if you don't do it up front.

  • Most web sites fail because they skip this step. They register a domain and build to sell and collect money, but forget to provide what their visitors are searching for -- information.

The Service Sellers Masters Course is designed and written for all service sellers... whether they are new to the Net, experienced or in the early stages of business development. The course clearly shows how to create an effective Theme-Based Content Site. 

Need pricing help? Kens free Make Your Price Sell will show you how to identify the perfect price point for their product or service to maximize and leverage profits.

The Affiliate Masters Course - This FREE 10-DAY course focuses 100% on helping you, the affiliate, succeed (affiliates who represent other merchants or those who represent themselves!). It leads you, step by step, day by day, through a flawless process. From developing a Site Concept, to brainstorming hundreds of profitable related keywords, to building a themed site, to generating motivated, targeted traffic that wants to click on your recommendations, links or products. The course will WOW you !

Note : the above courses are distributed with the permission of the author. Click the link to open or right click and choose "save target" to download the pdf file.

Web Site Content Resources

Make Your Site Sell
No matter what you offer on the Web, your site must SELL! When you use the battle-proven strategies in this digital book, you will attract motivated, targeted customers to your Web site.  Then you will sell them.

The Netwriting Masters Course
Shows you how to write copy that attracts targeted visitors, gains the trust and confidence, makes them receptive to your sales message and write the sales copy that "closes" whatever your monetization model may be.

Download a Free Site Sell eBook
No e-mail address required, no strings attached. Chose from 1 or all 9 Master Courses.

Add Revenue Generating Content
There are merchants willing to pay you for web traffic. This list covers products to sell as well as the top affiliate programs.

Cafe Press Merchandise on Your Site
T-shirts, mousepads, hats and other cool items imprinted with YOUR artwork ans sold through links on your site.

Free Sticky Content
A constantly reviewed index of free, auto updating, embeddable content to keep visitors on site and coming back. News Headlines, weather, horoscopes, daily tips and comics, free syndicated articles & stories etc.

Web Source Syndication
The Syndicator provides fresh syndicated articles and headlines for your web site that are automatically updated each week.

Web Design Guest Columnist
Weekly articles on web design. This weeks guest columnist article is on:


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