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Map, Flow and Page Layout

A content plan and map is a sketch of what you want to say, on what pages and how visitors will move between the pages. A Site Map will help you organize you message and set up logical navigation. Before this step you should have spent time developing your message. (See our content tips page for this step)

Take your content notes and  break it into pages that are not too big, both in size (KB) and length (scrolling needed). If the file is too large it will load slowly, if it is too long visitors may miss the text at the bottom. Each page should have a single message or theme.

After you decide on the content and pages you need to decide how visitors will move from page to page. It is good to have a persistent menu bar somewhere that links back to your home and main subject pages like the one on the bottom of this page.

Page Layout Tips:

  • Each page word count should be between 500 - 800 words and the size under 75KB.

  • Have a consistently located site navigation bar on all pages, including a home page link.

  • Make sure your eye can easily locate the prime content and can easily follow the message down the page. Be careful not to chop up the flow with ads, banners or other distractions and avoid pop-ups.

  • Divide the message up with bulleted or numbered lists, mini headings and sections, etc. Visitors decide in a few seconds if they will read your page or click off the page. Bold important points.

  • Before putting the page online, read it out loud. Make sure it reads smoothly, and that it focuses on the customer rather than on your company. Web site copy needs to be written for the customer, focusing on the needs of the customer and the way that your product or service can fulfill those needs.

Page Layout Resources

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