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Build Your Own Web Site - Method One

Welcome to step four - building the web site. You should now have your message refined and have some site layout ideas. It is now time to turn all of this into a living web site. When it comes to actually building the web pages there are two basic methods for new webmasters. Don't worry about picking the wrong one. Most new web site authors toss out their initial site for a second generation site after about six months. At this time you can easily change build methods.

Method One (the easiest)

Method One combines a number of the steps required to launch your own web site into one prebuilt package. This includes items we have covered like page layout and navigation. It also handles the upcoming subject of hosting and file transfer. To launch a site using Method One you work with a hosting company that offers automated site builder tools.

Note: a host is a company that rents you space for your web site on computers that are always connected to the internet and are configured to efficiently distribute web sites over the web. Your ISP may offer you space on their web server but it usually does not include automatic site building tools thereby requiring Method Two.

A typical automatic site builder works like this;

  1. You pick the color scheme and layout design you like.

  2. A script builds a multipage web site using your colors and layout (typically 5-12 pages) including titles, text areas, page navigation, links and photos.

  3. You edit each page by selecting a text section and replacing the mock up text with your message.

And that is it! You don't need to build pages, learn layout techniques or even worry about transferring pages from your PC to the host PC. This is by far the easiest way to start. What's the down side you ask? You have limited control of the automatic pieces. The site colors, layout and even total page count is limited to what the automated process has been programmed for. Other than these limits, using Method One produces attractive, professional web sites that are easy to build and maintain. No code to learn, no software to buy. The resource list at the upper right provides links to some of the many hosts offering automatic site builders.

Web Hosts with Site Builders

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